Rain During a Holiday Weekend in Montalcino


4.25.16 - Pioggia

Rain tracking from this weekend


As forecasted, we had some rain over the holiday weekend. (April 25 is a national holiday in Italy, when we celebrate the liberation of Italian territory from the Nazis.) We hoped the rain would have been more abundant, but we had to be satisfied with 45 mm (1.8 in). We are still glad that it rained at all.

On the Mount Amiata, some snow fell yesterday. This is quite unusual, although in the past we have seen snow during late spring.

4.25.16 - Neve Amiata

Snow on Mount Amiata

We were concerned that the drop of temperatures caused by the snow could bring damages to the vegetation of the vines. This morning at 6AM we went in the low-side vineyards and the temperature was 3°C (38°F), so we think no damage has occurred.

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