“Price is irrelevant if the provenance is unsound”

My father and I and everyone here at Il Poggione have been very happy about the response to Antonio Galloni’s reviews and scores of our current vintage. But we have also been dismayed to see so many offerings of our wines where the provenance is uncertain. We recently read this email from the Garagiste, one of the best resources in the U.S. today for hard-to-find rare wines. We agree with him that “Price is irrelevant if the provenance is unsound”. Here is what the garagiste Jon Rimmerman had to say about the interest in our wines last week in an email:

“I noted last week that the 2004 Il Poggione Brunello may be
the most offered/reacted to wine I’ve ever witnessed post-Wine Advocate review
(outside of the annual Bordeaux rampage). The offers started a few weeks ago
when Antonio Galloni hinted that this was one of the top examples of the
vintage and they haven’t stopped since. I’ve received so many retailer offers
for this wine that I’m sure most consumers have received even more (I’m not
even on all of these email lists but somehow they’ve all found me). As of

The 2004 Il Poggione Brunello offer count as of July 10th: 47 offers
with a price disparity of over $40/bottle… MAKE SURE you inquire about
provenance. Price is irrelevant if the provenance is unsound (I know you will
ask so…we will not have an offer for this wine). – Jon Rimmerman”

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