Preparing for New Vineyards

We started work in the fields where we will soon plant new vineyards. The Franceschi family, owner of Il Poggione, plans to plant Vermentino, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio vineyards. To do so, we identified the fields close to the Orcia River as the most suitable and we started to work and level the soil using the Ripper, a big subsoiler machine. See the picture below:

07.15.15 Post - Subsoiler

The use of the subsoiler allows the fertile loamy sandy soil to remain on the surface while the use of the plough would push it deeper into the ground instead. We are doing this work with our machinery and by the end of September the fields will be ready for the planting. We searched for water in the soil because it is our intention to immediately prepare an irrigation system for these vineyards in order to allow grapes to ripen without the threat of water stress in case of warm vintages.

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