Pan dei Santi Recipe

Pan dei Santi (literally Bread with the Saints) is a typical recipe from Tuscany, made only in the period between October and November around All Saint’s Day.

It is a very good and particular dessert. It is something in the middle between sweet and salty. Here is our family’s recipe:

7.5 cups of flour
¾ oz of dried yeast
5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

11.06.15 Post - Pan dei santi
Lightly heat a little bit of water. In a large bowl, add the flour. Make an indent in the center of the flour and pour the yeast into it. Slowly add a little bit of water and start stirring. Then add the olive oil and the salt. Knead, slowly adding all the flour. Add a little bit of warm water if needed.
Then, let the dough rest for at least one hour until it doubles in size. Afterward, add the walnuts and the raisins. Knead the dough to have everything well mixed and divide the dough into 6 round loaves. Cover a baking tray with wax paper and put the loaves in it to rest for 30 to 60 minutes. Then bake for 60 minutes at 356°F.

Now you only have to enjoy your Pan dei Santi with our Vin Santo!

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