Origins of the toponym Montalcino

Origins of the toponym Montalcino


Many people think that the name of the Montalcino village comes from the Italian “monte” and it means “little mount”. In reality, it comes from the the words “monte” in Italian that means “mount” or “hill” and the term “ilex” in the Latin which has the meaning the “holm oak tree”. That is to say that Montalcino means the “mount of the holm oak trees”. In fact, our land has a lot of holm oak trees, like the one above on the Tenuta Il Poggione estate. We allow some trees to grow in our vineyards to maintain the nature’s balance on our terroir and also because we are proud of these beautiful places.

Herewith a photo of the village where I and my family lives, Sant’Angelo in Colle, as seen from the Tenuta Il Poggione’s farmhouse.

Sant'angelo in colle

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