Atmospheric Disturbance Causes Delay In Organic Fertilization

The atmospheric disturbance that has struck Italy from the north to the south, still causing grave damage and deaths, has passed through our land, dumping just a few millimeters of rain.

The strong “vento di grecale”, the cold wind from the northeast, continues to blow away the clouds and the rain and it is drying the soils.

Organic fertilizer tuscany
We are beginning again with the organic fertilization of the vineyards, with a small delay because the wet soils had forced us to stop.

The temperatures have risen again. We have passed from the minimum of the last week of -1° C. to this morning with +4° C.

Mt. Amiata, which stands before us, has 30 cm of snow on its peak and it is maintaining it, in part because there was another snowfall.

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