Lowest Olive Oil Yields That Anyone Can Remember But High Quality Oil Nonetheless

Last week we have finished the harvest of the olives.

It has been a year of abundant production for the olives but not for the oil, because the yields have been low.

To give you an example of this, from 100kg of olives, we have obtained, on average, 10kg of oil with yields that, in the beginning, only arrived at 8kg.

No one remembers yields so low.

I have spoken with friends who are also Tuscan producers and they tell me that the situation is the same all around.

Low yields but, luckily, because we began to pick on 17 October, we have obtained extra-virgin olive oil of excellent quality, with artichoke aromas and a remarkable intensity in color.

Best tuscan olive oil montalcno
The total polyphenols are high and beyond being good for health, being antioxidants, they also help to make the olive oil live longer.

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