Olive Harvest 2011: Harvest Byproducts Are Useful

When 100 kilograms of olive are pressed, the following are obtained:

10-15 kilograms of olive oil;
40-55 kilograms of olive oil pomace;
30-50 liters of water.

Because these last byproducts are unrefined, the vegetal liquids are used by our estate for the fertirrigatione (fertilizer-water irrigation) in the olive groves (photo above).

The pomace is instead sent to an outside company and is utilized for the production of biogas (fermentation gas) in digestors. We do not utilize it here at our estate because to construct a digestor and make it economically useful, we would need to have a production of byproducts 10 times as great as that which we could produce today. And for this reasons, we have chosen the path of sending it to another company.

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