New Vines, Old Tricks

Yesterday we finished the planting of our two new vineyards. We have planted Sangiovese at two different altitudes and in two different soils.

03.05.15 Post - Workers on New Vineyard Sites

On the first site, we planted Sangiovese from the Paganelli vineyard at 250 meters above sea level on a clay soil. We do this in order to have a continuity in our wine as we replicate processes that we have used for the past fifty years. This way we are able to keep an “Il Poggione” Sangiovese for the younger generations who will manage Il Poggione in the future.

The other vineyard was planted at 350 meters above sea level at Fonterenza in a tufaceous soil, where we have used a clonal selection that ripens earlier and has small berries and a loose cluster. At a higher altitude, ripening is typically delayed, which introduces the risk of Botrytis. Our choice of an early-ripening clone should help avoid this problem.

03.05.15 Post - New Vines
Yesterday evening around 7PM it started to rain, and the rain increased its intensity overnight. A strong wind coming from Eastern Europe started to blow, causing a decrease in temperature by 10 °C. On Mount Amiata, which is right in front of us, it snowed. This decrease in temperature is excellent right now, as it slows down the restarting of the vegetation and it should act as a natural insecticide, killing many harmful bugs that are still present in the environment

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