New Grafts from the Historic Paganelli Vineyard

In January 2011, we had planted the Fabbrica vineyard with rootstock from American vines and we have begun to graft them with Sangiovese clones taken from the Vigna Paganelli vineyard, planted in 1964. We have chosen to utilize clones from the old vineyard in such a way as to keep alive the winery's characteristic Sangiovese di Montalcino, a viticultural patrimony that needs to be safeguarded. The practice of grafting has been practiced since the 1800s to combat phylloxera, a disease that that was widespread in that period and could cause death.

A. Our expert worker Graziano Albani prepares the grafts of Sangiovese coming from the Vigna Paganelli.

B. Our workers uncover the vines by removing the earth in order to allow the grafter to complete the graft.

C. The grafter removes from the leaves from the canes of Sangiovese.

D. The removed buds are soaked in order to keep them alive.

E. The grafter has completed the graft by inserting the bud of Sangiovese into the American rootstock.

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