My father’s knife


The other day a friend of our was asking about my father's famous knife. Every where he goes, whether abroad, to America, to Verona for Vinitaly, he always carries his "trusty" knife. He buys his knives at the famous "coltelleria" Saladini in Scarperia in the province of Florence. Scarperia has always been a historic place for the production of fine, artisanal cutlery. We eat a lot of steak "bistecca fiorentina" in Toscana and my father likes to use his own knife to cut his meat whether at home or at one of the many famous steakhouses in America, where they have very high quality beef that goes well with our wines. 
We would like to thank another friend, Rich Cahalan, for including us in this wonderful video of his visit to Vinitaly. Thank you, Rich!

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