Much Needed Rain Arrives In Montalcino

Rain 1
Sunday morning it has rained also in Montalcino. The rain covered the entire commune and as always, it rained more in some places, less in others.

Rain 2
On our estate, we have had roughly 18-20 mm of rain, which, associated with a notable decrease of the temperature (this morning we had a minimum temperature of 16° C.), has continued to lower notably the sweltering weather.

Olive tree 1
The benefits of the rain will be seen in the coming days but the plants have already changed their look. The weather forecasts say that Thursday afternoon will arrive another Atlantic storm and that Friday will also bring rain to central Italy.

Olive tree 2
The forecasts say that from now on the maximum temperatures will be lower than 28° C. and this, in any case, is a good sign.

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