Moscato harvest begins

Today, we began harvesting the Moscadello from our Moscato vineyards, which are some of the oldest on our estate. Moscadello di Montalcino is the oldest wine made in Montalcino and it was mentioned in the Middle Ages by medieval Italian poet Francesco Redi in his "Bacchus in Tuscany".

Il Poggione is one of the few wineries in Montalcino that still makes Moscadello and we are the only ones who make it as a sparkling wine (it can be made as a still, sparkling, and fortified wine). Traditional Moscadello should be light in the mouth, with nice white stone fruit and low alcohol. A great wine for summer.

Today the sky is a bit grey but we do not expect any rain. Compared to the last week or so, temperatures are a little higher at night (69-71° F) and also during the day (84-86° F).

Today we have two of our Candian friends, Laura and Jocelyn, experiencing their first harvest and they are doing a great job!

Check out the Montalcino Report photo stream at Flickr.

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