Montalcino Needs Rain

In this period of August, we have few workers at work. The others are on vacation with their families as they wait to begin the harvest around August 20 with the picking of the Pinot Grigio grapes.

Pinot grigio
The cellar is ready, the equipment has been tested, and the vats have been washed. Everything is at the ready.

In the vineyards, we continue to irrigate the vines we planted in January 2012 where they give sign of needing water.

Irrigation vineyard

The weather, again this year, has not been favorable to us. The rain is late to arrive and the forecasts say that it will maybe rain after the 20 August.

In the vineyards of Montalcino, there is need of the rain, which would be a relief to the vines and it would help the bunches, which in part have very small berries, to plump up.

The forecast is for a reduction in production of 20-30% but as in other vintages, for example the 2003, if it rains the bunches will absorb the water immediately and as we wait until the 10 of October to pick, we can obtain however excellent wines.

In these days the maximum temperatures are around 33-35° C. and the minimum go down to 20-22°. 

The northwestern wind has arrived, mitigating the sense of heat.




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