Some Rain And Colder Temperatures But No Risk Of Freezing in Montalcino

Yesterday, suddenly, the sky became dark and a few millimeters of rain fell.

It was very little rain considering how dark the sky was.

On the Mt. Amiata, snow fell and the temperatures descended in a significant manner.

The inclement weather, with wind and gelid air coming from the east, for the moment has brought a lowering of the temperatures of roughly 7° C., but the minimum this morning was 5° C.

This does not create harm to the young buds on the vines that this year, because of the mild winter, are 15 days ahead. In order to exit unharmed from this danger, Easter must pass and we must get to the first days of May, after which the risk of freezing should have passed.

The mild and rainy weather has caused grasses to grow abundantly in the vineyards, as well. In order to keep them under control and not to use herbicides, we must work the earth between each row and the next and between each vine and the next.

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