Michelangelo Buonarotti self-portrait in Siena Duomo


The land where we make wine is in the province of Siena. It takes about 40 minutes from my house in Sant'Angelo in Colle, depending on how fast you drive, to get to the historical centre of Siena.

Siena is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy, including the Duomo Cathedral above, and it is also home to the Enoteca Nazionale, which is a wine store and education studio where you can learn about and taste wines from all the regions of Italy.

There are many amazing works of art and things to see in Siena and this summer there is something very special: the Duomo of Siena has recently unveiled four newly restored statues by Michelangelo Buonarotti, including his depiction of St. Paul which is considered the Renaissance master's earliest self-portrait.

This is just one of the many amazing things to visit this summer if you are coming to the Montalcino and Sant'Angelo in Colle wine country. 

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