MAZZONI leaves for the U.S. today, a celebration of a long partnership between the Il Poggione and Terlato families

Today, we are sending the first direct shipment of our Toscana Rosso IGT 2009 MAZZONI to the United States. This wine is obtained from estate-grown Sangiovese and Merlot.

The wine — a belnd of 72% Sangiovese and 28% Merlot — was born as a celebration of the long partnership between our family and the Terlato family, who have imported our wines since 1976.

Sangiovese dominates this wine and gives it the classic flavors of wines from Montalcino while the Merlot smoothes the edges and makes this wine softer and more approachable in its youth.

The wine is a rounder and more approachable expression of the territory of Montalcino, geared for an audience of consumers who are looking for less tannic and more balanced, round wines. It pairs well not only with classic Tuscan dishes but also with international cuisine.

That is my father Fabrizio Bindocci, the winemaker, in the photo below.

Fabrizio bindocci

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