Italian winery mottos and Lorenzo de’ Medici (Lorenzo il Magnifico)

Chi vuole essere lieto

The good friend of Il Poggione Mrs. Laura Gray of Il Palazzone winery has published an excellent series of notes on Twitter about Tuscany winery mottos.

She has noted that our motto in the image above is derived from the "Canti carnascialeschi" the "Carnival songs" of the "Rinascimento" the Renaissance of Tuscany by Lorenzo the magnificent.

Herewith the original verses and the translation:

Quanto è bella giovinezza
che si fugge tutta via
Chi vuole essere lieto sia
di doman non c'è certezza

How fine youth is
Though it flee away
Let he who wishes, enjoy
Nothing's certain tomorrow

Lorenzo has scribed these verses when he was older and his wife has already died. And he is telling to the youth of Florence "carpe diem", as Horace wrote, "seize the day".

Thanks you Laura for the mention in your series! 

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