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The place where I live is Sant'Angelo in Colle,  a small village in the commune of
Montalcino at 440 meters a.s.l.


The name "Saint Angel on the Hill" comes our
village church, the church of Sant'Angelo and the fact that we are at the
highest part of Montalcino "on the hill".


The earliest mentions of Sant'Angelo go back to the time of
the Longobards and there already many mentions of the village in documents of
the commune of Siena in the 1200s.


Sant'Angelo in Colle is one of the most beautiful hilltop
villages in all of Tuscany and has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages
when it was built in its current status.


That is Mount Amiata in the background. One of the reasons Montalcino has such a unique macroclimate is because of this mountain, which helps to protect it from bad weather.

You can see more photographs of Sant'Angelo by visiting Foto Toscana.

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