Il Poggione: A True Farm

Il Poggione has always chosen to focus not only on the cultivation of the vines (even though winemaking is the core business), but to have diversified farming in order to develop biodiversity and to keep its origin as a farm (azienda agricola) as it was in 1890 when it was purchased by Lavinio Franceschi.

On 590 hectares of land (approximately 1500 acres), only 130 hectares (approximately 300 acres) are planted with vineyards. The rest is planted with olive trees (12,000 olive trees), grains and woods. Furthermore, for the past few years, we have started to breed semi-free range livestock, such as Limousine cows, pigs and sheep. These animals eat mainly the produce from our farm. Furthermore, in most of our farmhouses where our workers live, we have poultry and vegetable gardens, where we can obtain fresh vegetables for most of the year

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The choice to have more than vineyards on our land has been made first out of respect for our territory: the vines are important but it is just as important to have diversity in the environment where we live and work in order to try to preserve it and, where possible, improve it for us and for future generations.

Out of respect for the environment, Il Poggione also has solar panels, which allow us to operate the winery almost self-sufficiently, with minimal carbon footprint.

Finally, for many years we have worked in an integrated farming regime, by using low impact chemicals in the vineyards and fertilizers that are also used in organic farming. We do all of this to pay the right attention to the environment and to ensure a health environment for our children.

This is the philosophy of the Franceschi family which, since 1890, owns Il Poggione in Montalcino.

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