Hoja santa and Il Poggione at the Four Seasons in Big Texas


Our friend Jeremy Parzen sent us this photo he took of Il Poggione Rosso di Montalcino 2006 at Trio, the restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin Texas (where Jeremy now lives). That's the cheese plate that chef Todd Duplechan serves during happy hour at the bar at the Trio (that is a steakhouse, which is very popular in Texas where they eat a lot of steak like in Sant'Angelo in Colle except for Sant'Angelo in Colle which is a "frazione" of Montalcino is very small and Texas is very BIG!). Sommelier Mark Sayre, says Jeremy, is the "best sommelier in Austin" and he serves our wine at his restaurant.

The second cheese from the left is a goat cheese produced by Paula Lambert's the Mozzarella Company in Dallas in Texas. The cheese is wrapped in "hoja santa", "holy leaf" that is grown in the garden of another friend of Il Poggione, Alfonso Cevola who is the Italian Wine Director for Glazer's Distributor.

The world is such a big place and Sant'Angelo in Colle where we make our wines is so small but the internet makes the world feel smaller. We are happy that Jeremy is enjoying our wine. Thank you Mark, Todd, Alfonso, and Jeremy! We hope to see you soon in Sant'Angelo! 🙂

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