Hilltop towns of the Val d’Orcia VI: Sant’Angelo in Colle

Sant angelo in colle

Herewith some recent photos of Sant'Angelo in Colle the village where I live with my family.

Medieval town

Sant'Angelo is really one of those special places where "the time has stopped". The buildings and the houses are still of the fourteenth century when Sant'Angelo in Colle was the southern outpost of the comune of Montalcino.

Sant'angelo in colle

The view from Sant'Angelo in Colle "Saint Angel on the Hill" is "spettacolosa" as we say in the Tuscan. It is "spectacular". You can see the Mt. Amiata in the distance.

Trattoria il pozzo

With the good weather, you can eat on the outside of the Trattoria Il Pozzo, one of our favorite places to eat the lunch and sometimes the dinner.

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We hope to see you soon in Sant'Angelo in Colle! 

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