Hilltop towns of the Val d’Orcia II: Monticchiello

Hilltop towns of the Val d’Orcia II: Monticchiello


Monticchiello is a Tuscan hilltop town that time has forgotten. Many people left the village during Italy’s period of industrialization when so many farmers traveled to the large urban centers to find work in the factories.


Today, Monticchiello preserves the ambiance of the Tuscan hilltop towns of the Val d’Orcia from the period between the two world wars.


Monticchiello is also the home to one of the most rich traditions of “teatro povero”, the “poor theater”, a very old heritage of the Tuscany countryside. Here is the link to the village theater:


Buca per le lettere

When you travel the village of Monticchiello, it is best to go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and walk around this beautiful place and experience the life of another era, when things were slower and there was no internet for writing blogs!

Here is the map for getting to Monticchiello, which is about 50 minutes driving from the farmhouse of Tenuta Il Poggione, where you can stay to make visit to the many hilltop villages of our region.

Here is also the website of the village, with recommendations for many places to eat and to visit:


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