Heat Wave Continues In Montalcino

Vineyards heat wave
The heat wave in the vineyards of Montalcino continues: during the day, temperatures reach maximums of 32-35° C. and during the night they go down to 20-22° C. At the moment, the vineyards continue to do well, as can be seen in the vegetation.

We continue to prune the bunches of Sangiovese, leaving at most 8 bunches on the vine and dropping 12-14 bunches per vine on the ground.

Dropping fruit tuscany
This helps to lighten significantly the load of the grapes and it allows the vine to ripen its fruit more easily.

In order to maintain the humidity that is in the soil, we do surface works that fine the earth and at the same time we work the grassy part between the rows that serves during the springtime and the harvest period when it rains to help the farming machines to move through the vineyards more easily. Now the little lawns are antagonists of the vine because they consume water even after they have been mowed. And for this reason, we work the surfaces between the rows as well.

Tractor tuscany

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