Harvest Report 2011: The Rain Has Done Only Good For Us

Tuscany woods
In this moment of the year, the wines in the cellar are making the malolactic fermentation, without the addition of bacteria, but utilizing only the temperature (we keep the wines at 20/22° C. [68/72° F.])

In the countryside, we are picking the olives but the harvest will be over by November 10. This has been a vintage with much fewer olives, especially when compared to last year.

In the vineyards, we are doing the autumnal working of the soils. In this moment, we are working in the "Paganelli" vineyard, our top cru.

Tuscany fall
The woods are also beginning to feel the autumn and the leaves are changing coloring, veering from the green to yellow and to red.

Last week's rain, which caused much damage in Liguria and upper Tuscany, raining 5,400 millimeters in 5 hours, did only good for us inasmuch as it only rained about 30 millimeters and it fell slowly.

All of the rain that fell was "drunken" by the land. We are expecting another storm this weekend and we hope that it does not do a lot of damage.

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