Harvest Report 2011: No Rain in Montalcino and the Harvest Continues

Vermentino mosto

Yesterday, 5 September, we have continued the harvest, picking the Sangiovese with which we will make the IGT Toscana.

The seasonal progression is stable. The rain that fell in the North Italy did not arrive in Montalcino and it stopped on Mt. Amiata where it rained yesterday. A rainfall in the vineyards would have surely been useful, but one cannot command the climatic progression and we must take that which comes.

The temperatures of yesterday have been maximum 29.2° C. (84.6° F.) and minimum 19.3° C. (66.7° F.).

Sangiovese mosto

As is illustrated in the photos, the solids have been removed from the Vermentino and Sangiovese Rosè (the impurities, the mucilage, pieces of the skins, and other components are removed) and now they are slowly fermenting at low temperature at 12° C. (54° F.).

As is illustrated in the video, we have also begun the racking off of the Merlot, which was the first to be harvested.

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