Rains In Montalcino As Harvest Comes To An End

The last rains have also struck Montalcino.

The intensity was that of a leopard's spots but it has however created not a few problems.

We are in the finishing stretches of the harvest. And we are working hard in the vineyards to pick only the best and most healthy Sangiovese.

Luckily for us, here in the southern zone, the harvest was already in an advanced phase when the rains began.

Just as every year, after finishing the picking of the grapes, we begin the organic fertilization of the vineyards.

We utlize organic pelletized fertilizer, which has the same usefulness of manur but is much easier, as one can see in the photo, to distribute.

Pelletized fertilizer
In order that the fertilizer have a postive effect, it is important that it be buried deep in the ground, at least 40 centimeters. And so we use a subsoil tiller for this purpose.

Subsoil tiller
The advantage of using this tool, beyond the burying of the fertilizer, is that of breaking the surface roots of the vines, thus making them go deeper.

This proves to be an advantage in the hot summers because the roots in the deeper layers of the soil find water useful for helping the vines overcome hydric stress.

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