Difficult But Good Vintage Thanks To The Location Of Our Vines And Work In The Vineyard

Difficult But Good Vintage Thanks To The Location Of Our Vines And Work In The Vineyard

The week before Ferragosto, the August holiday, the weather here in Sant’Angelo has been excellent. The rains have not struck us and the weather forecast, at least until Ferragosto (August 15), promises to be good. And this is excellent for the vineyards.

The maximum temperatures arrive at 30° C. and the minimum during the night go down to 15° C.

This is very good because this temperature variation is useful for the aromas and for the acidities of the future wine.

A decidedly difficult vintage, where once again is shown the importance of the work in the vineyards and, above all, the location of the vines.

In vintages like these, having the vineyards in the south zone makes the positive difference because the ripening, with respect to the north, is at least 10-15 days more in advance.

We are continuing to work int he vineyards. Some of the workers are pruning the grapes where they are abundant. But in general, this is a vintage where there is not a lot of grapes. And for this reason, pruning is done only on those vines with a weight of abundant grapes that are above the average. We are doing this important work in the vines located in the central zone.

We will then move to the higher vineyards that are taking longer to ripen (they have begun their veraison) after the Ferragosto holiday. The winery closes, in fact, from August 9-17.

At the same time, one part of the staff is “de-leafing” the vines near to the bunches in order to aerate them and to allow the bunches greater exposure to sunlight.

Thanks to this, the health will also be better inasmuch as by doing this work, it allows for the sea breeze, the north-westerly wind of the Mediterranean, to keep the bunches ventilated and dry.

My father has always said that in the past, this operation was done after the 20th of August because it was feared that the heat and the burning sun would cook the grapes. But this is an anomalous vintage and in the light of the climatic progression, we have preferred to do this early so as to have earlier ripening.

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