Sangiovese Harvest Has Begun For Our Rosè Brancato

The week in Montalcino has ended well. The climate has held and we have not had rain. And the sun and wind are making the ripening of the grapes move forward.

Saturday we have finished the harvest of the Pinot Grigio with healthy and well-ripened grapes.

Around us on Sunday, there have been big storms with abundant precipitations and I think there was also damage to the crops.

The temperatures of the last days have been around 15-16° C. minimums and around 27-28° C. maximums.

Grape harvest tuscany 2014

Today, Monday, 8 September, we have begun the harvest of the Sangiovese grapes with which we will make our Rosè Lo Sbrancato.

Sangiovese rose wine

The grapes are healthy. They are moving forward in their ripening but to make our top wines, Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino, we must wait.

Best sangiovese brunello montalcino

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