Harvest 2015: The Paganelli Vineyard

Today we are harvesting the Sangiovese from the Paganelli vineyard. When we harvest the grapes from this vineyard it means that the harvest is almost over, and in fact, we expect to finish in about a week. Our last phase of the harvest is picking the Sangiovese for the Brunello in the highest elevation vineyards (1300 feet/400 metres above sea level).

09.25.15 Post - Paganelli Vineyard
The grapes, as you can see from the picture, look good and are healthy and will surely make a great Riserva.

09.25.15 Post - Sangiovese
The fermentations are going forward with no issues and the climate is warmer during the day and cools at night, with temperatures between 54.5°F and 72.5°F (12.5°C and 22.5°C).

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