Snow And Seasonally Correct Temperatures Return To Montalcino

Amiata peak

A note from the Tenuta Il Poggione winemaker, Fabrizio Bindocci:

Finally even here in Sant’Angelo in Colle, the cold has arrived and the temperatures have dropped markedly. Credit is due to the cold air that has crashed into Italy and has also brought snow on Mt. Amiata, with roughly 40 cm fallen on Sunday (as you can see in the photo above).

This has influenced the temperatures, lowering them and bringing a minimum, for the time being, around 0 – 2° C. Today, while it is raining here in Sant’Angelo in Colle, it is snowing on Mt. Amiata.

As I have said previously, a lowering of the temperature to seasonal averages was important so that the plants would go into vegetative stasis and so that we would not have later problems in the spring with the risk that an early vegetative renewal and potential damage due to late frosts on the vine buds that have broken too early.

For the entire week, the weather forecasts predict snow for the higher elevations and rain for the lower elevations.

As the old saying said: “Under the snow, bread. Under the rain, hunger.”

Although it referred to the cultivation of grain.

During these times, water and snow are however useful for increasing the quantity of water present in the faults of the land, water that will be useful for the vines and olive trees in the summer when, normally, it is hot and dry.

—Fabrizio Bindocci

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