Harvest 2012 Is Over

Yesterday we have finished repassing through the vineyards and picking the last bunches remaining. As I had anticipated already in August, the harvest of the 2012 Sangiovese has given unexpected results, given that for many this was supposed to be a negative vintage.

It has not been so.

The first wines that are coming out not only have an excellent color but also very good acidity and pH.

With great pleasure I am tasting the wine that is coming out from the grapes from our historic vineyard I Paganelli (harvest date: September 20-22) and I can say with satisfaction that here we don't have good quality. I am convinced that we have excellence.

Trio brunello winemaker

We have worked very hard in the vineyards. But it was the "Old Vine" that did not disappoint our expectations even this year, a difficult vintage because of the heat and drought. It has given the impassioned admirers of our wines yet again an excellent product.

Now that the harvest is over and we take stock of the vintage, our drop in production has been greater than 25%. But the great quality has in part compensated us for the loss in production.

We must think and encourage all the producers of Montalcino to think about the necessity of utilizing with intelligence the possibility of emergency irrigation which in vintages like this one (and if you think about it you know that more vintages like this will come) would have made a lot of difference.
Think about it, producers of Montalcino… think about it.
—Fabrizio Bindocci

2012 vintage tuscany

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