Some Rain During The Weekend And Healthy Vineyards And Bunches

The predicted inclement weather also arrived here Montalcino.

During the weekend, we had 25 mm of rain. It was not a lot with respect to other locations in Tuscany which had serious damage due to hail.

The temperatures have dropped by more than 10 degrees. This morning the minimum was 14° C.

The bad weather is supposed to continue at least for some days. But today it has not rained and we were able to work manually in the vineyards.

The vineyards are in excellent health. The vegetation is abundant and we have carried out the topping to reduce and contain the vegetative development.

Vineyards tuscany
From an initial monitoring, the grapes seem to have had an excellent veraison. And luckily there are not bunches suffering from millerandage (deformities or small size). This is good for us and we will have bunches with fully ripened berries at the time of the harvest.

Also the quantity of grapes is within the norm: we have vineyards with the right volume of bunches and others where we will however need to intervene with pruning. But this is a work we will do in July-August.

Healthy grape bunches tuscany

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