Heavy Rain And Some Hail In Montalcino

Hail tuscany 2013
Yesterday afternoon a strong storm, with more than 50 mm of water, has struck our vineyards in Sant'Angelo. In the lower part of the estate, along the Orcia river, we have also had a strong hailstorm.

We had been fortunate until now but this anomalous vintage, which dumps water and hail, shows no sign of stopping.

As soon as the soil dries and allows to return to the vineyards with farming machinery, we will treat the "wounds" on the bunches and canes using copper oxychloride and stimulants that help the plant to react and begin again working to bring the remaining grapes to ripeness.

This afternoon, a strong rain has returned and 50 mm of rain has fallen.

Luckily, the forecast calls for fair weather beginning tomorrow.

Tuscany vintage 2013

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