Inclement Spring Weather Reminds Us Of Vintages From A Long Time Ago

The seasonal progression of this vintage 2014 takes us back to the years before the year 2000.

Rainy spring, rapid drops in temperatures with equally rapid spikes. They remind us of vintages from a long time ago.

This week has been marked by inclement weather, with rain from Monday with intervals of sun.

The day on Wednesday was relatively serene but during the evening, around 7 p.m., suddenly there was a hailstorm that struck not only Sant'Angelo in Colle (where we live) but it also affected certain spots from the Mt. Amiata to Siena (in the photo you can see the road that connects Siena and Grosseto, white from the hail).

Seeing the hail from the window of our house, it seemed that it would have made enormous damage to the vineyards.

The next morning, on 1 May, my father went out early in the morning in the vineyards and he has controlled all of them and he has not found, thanks to our good luck, damage except for a slight degree.

The weather forecasts continue not to be good and they call for bad weather until Sunday.

Alessandro Bindocci

Grandine siena-grosseto

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