Fingers Crossed for a Mild April

Over the past few days, we have had above average temperatures in Montalcino caused by the Föhn wind. We have had quite anomalous weather for the season, with maximum temperatures around 20°C (68°F) from Turin to Florence to Rome.

In the countryside we are still binding the vines and pruning the olive trees. The buds of the vines are ready to open any day.

04.01.15 Post - Binding the Vines

(Binding the vines)

04.01.15 Post - Pruning the Olive Trees

(Pruning the Olive Trees)

This is a delicate moment in the cycle of the vine since there is still the risk of a sudden frost during the month of April, which would seriously damage the young buds. We had such an experience in 1997 when a sudden frost on April 24th caused serious damage to the vines. As winemakers, the best we can do is be optimistic and think about something positive, like the great success of our 2010 Brunello that is showing beautifully and receiving amazing press reviews and feedback from all our customers. Fingers crossed that more success will follow with the 2015 vintage!

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