Fabio Guerrini, cellar master and pillar of Il Poggione


In the photo above, my father Fabrizio Bindocci (left, the director of Tenuta Il Poggione) and Fabio Guerrini (our cellar master and manager) are tasting the new wine as fermentation begins. This tasting is just as important as chemical analysis because it allows us to monitor the evolution of the wine during the fermentation itself. Here at Il Poggione, we taste all the vats every day to check the wine during every phase of fermentation.

Fabio is one of the oldest employees at Tenuta Il Poggione and we call him the "colonna portante", the "pillar" or "backbone" of our cellar. All of the workers in the cellar look to him for guidance. He is in charge of the cellar and chemical analysis and the experience that he has acquired over the years at Il Poggione allow him to do excellent work here.

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