Extreme Winter In Montalcino But We Are Very Lucky

Tuscan snow
On the day of Friday 3 February it has not snowed.

The minimum temperatures have arrived to -4° C. It seems however that it is even colder because of the strong wind from the north. The bad weather has move toward the Adriatic, Lazio, and the South. Again, this time, we were lucky.

We have closed the works in the fields and we will begin again on Monday if the weather permits it and in the meatime, we will work in the cellar and in the office. If the temperatures do not go down, there will not be problems, for neither the olive trees or the vines. We wouldn't like to have another 1985 where 70% of the olive trees died because of the cold.

In the night of Friday, some millimeters of snow have fallen. Not much but the snow has created traffic problems on the morning of Saturday. Minimum temperatures between -5 and -6° C.

Sunday afternoon the thermometer had arrived at 0° C. thanks to a nice sunny day.

Today, Monday, the thermometer showed -6°: it has not snowed again and the day seemed to promise well inasmuch as the sky was clear and the sole should help to heat and make the temperatures rise again.

But seeing the weather forecasts, the inclement weather is not finished. In this week, it is foreseen yet cold because of the freezing winds from Siberia and perhaps more snow.

Seeing however that which has happened in Umbria, Lazio, and Abruzzo, we were actually very lucky.

Tuscan winter

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