Excellent quality grapes but low yields in 2017

Excellent quality grapes but low yields in 2017

Last Sunday we all were expecting big thunderstorm, with abundant rainfall. Instead, the Montalcino and Sant’Angelo in Colle areas fortunately did not suffer from too much rain. We got approximately 10/20 mm of rain (0.39/0.78 inches), an amount that was perfect for the olive trees but scarce for the vineyards.

Based on our experience, however, what’s done is done in the vineyards. The temperature dropped, with highs at 24 °C (75F) and lows at 15 °C (59 F), providing relief to the countryside and the people.

Of course, the rain and the lower temperatures are useful as they allow to keep harvesting and the olives to continue their productive stage constantly.

The harvest of the Sangiovese for the Rosso and the Brunello di Montalcino is ongoing, we are harvesting grapes of an excellent quality which, based on the analysis, will produce excellent wine. However, we foresee a decrease in quantity of 20% by the end of the harvest


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