Cold Weather Does Not Bring Rain and New Plantings of the Sangiovese

The springtime air of the last days has had a brusque interruption because of a storm coming from Iceland that has made the temperatures decrease by many degrees. But here in Montalcino it has not brought the rain that we were hoping for. Just a few millimeters but nothing more.

Broken column
During our works, the cement columns from the old vineyards can be broke because of collisions and other reasons. And for this motive, annually they are substituted utilizing chestnut wood from Mount Amiata.

This week we have been preparing the terrain where we will go to plant the new vineyards of Sangiovese. 

Planting new vines tuscany 1
The first operation is that of making the "box", in other words, making the rows of a certain alignment, establishing where the columns will go that serve to hold up the wires where the new vegetation will support itself. To every straw corresponds a column and in the direction of the reeds will be planted then the vines.

Planting new vines tuscany 2


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