Clonal Selections VS. Massal Selection, We Have Chosen The Latter

Massal selection
Over the last fifteen years, there has been a rush to the clonal selections (vines that come from the same plant) and as a result, they have uniform ripening that happens in the same period, identical or very similar bunches, possibly with small and loose berries. Growers do this because they want to have a skin-pulp ratio with more skin and therefore more color in the Sangiovese, which, on its own, doesn't have so much color.

In recent years, we have abandoned the choosing of clonal selections and we have returned to the old massal selections that come from the vineyard of the Paganelli.

Selection massale
They are truly old vines of Sangiovese that with the passing of the years and the different seasons, have become accustomed to the habitat where they are cultivated and this is important for the future quality o the grapes and clearly for the wine that they will give.

A few weeks ago, we have prepared a quantity of canes of Sangiovese that will be sent to an important nursery that will prepare for us the rootstock that the next January 2013 will be planted in the soils that will be prepared this summer.

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