Veraison and Green Harvest

The thunderstorms that have been bringing heavy showers in the Tuscan hinterlands in the last days have passed through leaving us almost unharmed: a few millimeters of rain have fallen without any damage for the vineyards or for the ripening of the grapes. Veraison... Read more >

Veraison begins!

After the rain last week and the related cooler temperatures, the season is stable and we are registering an increase of the maximum temperatures, with peaks, in the hottest hours of the day, up to 32/33 °C (89.6/91.4 F); in the evening the temperature starts... Read more >

Avoiding Disease in the Vineyards

The seasonal weather continues to be abnormal for this time of year. In the morning, low temperatures are at 9°C (48°F) and highs during the day reach 26°C  (79°F). In the last few days, the Tramontana wind from the north has been blowing. On one hand, it keeps the... Read more >