Organic Fertilizers at Il Poggione

The “Favino” field bean, which was sowed to naturally fertilize the vineyard with organic substances and nitrogen present in its roots, has grown a lot and is ready to be buried. We know this by the vegetative state (see photo #1) and by the presence of flowers (see... Read more >

Il Poggione: A True Farm

Il Poggione has always chosen to focus not only on the cultivation of the vines (even though winemaking is the core business), but to have diversified farming in order to develop biodiversity and to keep its origin as a farm (azienda agricola) as it was in 1890 when... Read more >

Emergency Irrigation

When we first decided to go down the path of emergency irrigation, we had a clear idea in mind that irrigation had to be used exclusively to improve the quality of grapes in very dry vintages, not to increase the quantity produced. We have verified that, if irrigated,... Read more >

Natural Protection Against Phylloxera

Phylloxera is an insect that destroyed the vineyards of the Old World at the end of the 1800s. This problem was solved by grafting the European Vitis Vinifera with American rootstock. Over the past years we have seen Phylloxera infecting the leaves of the vines... Read more >

Fighting Mildew in the Vineyards

During this time of the year, the fungus disease that poses the biggest threat is mildew. To prevent it setting into the vineyards, we use a century old method, Sulphur powder. Its particularity is that it goes from powder to gas by sublimation, thanks to the... Read more >