A Recipe for the Traditional Pinci Pasta

Pinci pasta is one of the most traditional Montalcino dishes. One of the ways we like to enjoy Pinci is with Pecorino and black pepper, or Cacio e Pepe (a way to cook pasta that comes from Rome). Here is our Bindocci family recipe: Serves six people Ingredients: 7½... Read more >

Salami from Romagna

Last night we tried great salami made from pork from the region of Romagna. What made this salami unique was that it was wrapped not only in the natural casing usually used for salami, but also in beeswax. This trick allowed the salami to stay very soft even though it... Read more >

Panzanella: Refreshing Food for the Tuscan Summer

Thanks to the hot weather we have been facing over the last week, people in Montalcino are resorting to traditional recipes that are fast and fresh. One of these is Panzanella. Panzanella is made with stale bread and vegetables. It’s an old Tuscan dish, which is... Read more >

Celebrate Carnival Tuscan Style!

We are in the middle of Carnival, which is a pre-Lent festival celebrated all over Tuscany. We have several traditional recipes to celebrate. The most popular is Crogetti biscuits. To celebrate Carnival in perfect Montalcino style, all you need is: 2,5 cups of flour3... Read more >

A Traditional Recipe from Montalcino – Pinci Pasta

Pinci pasta is probably the most traditional Montalcino dish. One of the most delicious versions of it is made with fried bread crumbs, Pinci con le Briciole. Here is the recipe my family uses: Serves six people Ingredients:7½ cups of flour2 eggs (optional – the... Read more >