Another Sunny And Windy Day In Montalcino, Ideal Conditions For Ripening

Sangiovese grapes
Again today here in Montalcino it is a beautiful, sunny, windy day. These are the best conditions for the ripening of the grapes.

The analytic data of the grapes show that the sugar levels are rising and the acidity is dropping, although slowly.

As we have said many times, this year, man has done the work in the vineyards in such a way so as to have the best conditions for taking the grapes to complete and healthy ripening.

Today, it is the climatic progression that will make the difference.

But my forty-year experience makes me optimistic. And the weather forecast is proving me right.

But we will have to wait until the grapes are in the cellar before we can sing victory.

—Fabrizio Bindocci

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