Scientific Proof That Brunello Di Montalcino Is 100% Sangiovese

The following translation is taken from an article which appeared in the Corriere della Sera on Saturday 30 March 2013 with the title "And the Scientists Said: The Brunello is pure".

Five years after Brunellopoli, the vice president of the Consorzio [del Vino Brunello di Montalcino] Donatella Cinelli Colombini has flown to the United States to deliver the announcement: "We have scientific proof. We can demonstrate that adulterated Brunello does not exist."

It is the result of five years of research conducted by the Fondazione Mach di San Michele all'Adage ("the most avant-garde laboratory in Italy").

The study was presented to the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) in Washington, D.C.

"We have purchased 180 samples of Brunello from the 2007 vintage," says the president of the Consorzio, Fabrizio Bindocci. "And we had them analyzed. The result: all of them contain 100% Sangiovese as the appellation requires. We have immediately explained this to the Americans because it is fundamental to have the trust of the market after that which has happened in the past."

"The acylated anthocyanin method has been used," explains Fulvio Mattivi, director of the Fondazione Mach. "They are pigments that give wine its red color. We have vinified three vintages here, from twenty zones of Motnalcino. Then we have analyzed another three vintages of wine from the market, looking for ninety components with the same method focused on by us. It is the first time in the world in which a wine-producing zone asks for scientific proof to guarantee all of its product."

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