Brunello is Gasoline

Starting in 1933, an exhibition on the wines of Italy took place inside the Medici fortress in Siena. Brunello di Montalcino was featured and among the few producers participating there was Il Poggione which, at the time, was called Azienda Sant’Angelo in Colle.

12.10.14 Post - Brunello e Futurismo

At the time of this exhibition, wines from Montalcino were widely recognized as among the best in Italy. The poster for the 1935 exhibition bares the title “Il Brunello è Benzina,”or Brunello is gasoline, a reference to the artist’s perception of Brunello as indispensable. The poster was made by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, president of the wine competition at the time and the primary proponent of Futurism in Italy. As the exhibition predicted, the prestige and quality of Brunello would only grow in the years that followed!

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