Brunello History: Biondi Santi & Co. Cooperative Cellars

Last week, the wine bloggers who write about the Italian wine Alfonso Cevola and Jeremy Parzen have posted about the history of the Brunello di Montalcino. In both articles, they have mentioned the historic winery Biondi Santi. Herewith a translation of the description of the Cooperative Cellars Biondi-Sant & Co. in the volume "Vini Tipici Senesi" which has been published by the chair of agronmy at the Università di Siena in 1933.

Cooperative Cellars Biondi-Santi & Co.

The cooperative winery Biondi Santi & Co. was established in Montalcino in 1926 thanks to the praiseworthy efforts of a group of [land] owners who were wine producers. They understood the necessity and importance of promoting two of Tuscany's classic wines: Brunello and Moscadello from Montalcino.

The farming companies who lead the cooperative winery are the following: Biondi-Santi, Crocchi Brothers, Padelletti, and Tamanti. Together, these farms have 1,200 hectares [planted to vine].

Thanks to the topographic position and the geological nature of its soils, the hill of Montalcino produces grapes with exquisite flavor from which delicious wines are made — wines that have been known as such for centuries. The cooperative winery is located in Montalcino, 40 kilometers from Siena. The nearest railway station is in Torrenieri (on the Siena-Grosseto line), 9 kilometers from Siena.

The cooperative winery produces more than 1,000 quintals of wine annually and it places its coveted products easily and lucratively in Italy and abroad.

The winery is endowed with highly modern equipment and well suited facilities. The technical director of the winery is Dr. Tancredi Biondi-Santi.



Biondi santi


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