Selecting the best bunches in the vineyard is what makes the difference in quality

Yesterday afternoon, at 3 p.m., it rained. Just a few millimeters (4-5) but we had to interrupt the harvest.

This morning, the north wind started to blow at 10 a.m. And when the grapes had dried, we began picking again.

Today, we’ll finish picking the central part of our estate. And tomorrow, we’ll begin working in the Paganelli vineyard, where we grow grapes for our top wine.

The grapes are picked by hand and then we make a selection of the best bunches. Unhealthy fruit with botrytis problems is left on the ground.

By making a selection of the grapes in the vineyard, we deliver only ripe and healthy grapes to the winery. And this is what makes the difference in quality.

In the photo below, you can see our winemaker, Fabrizio Bindocci, tasting the newly fermented wine from our Sasso Crociato vineyard.

Fabrizio bindocci brunello consortium

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