Benvenuto Brunello Covered In Snow But Well Attended

Sant'angelo snow
Yesterday was the last day of Benvenuto Brunello and when we awoke we have seen Sant'Angelo in Colle completely white, covered in snow with large flakes that were falling.

Snow montalcino
Even along the way toward the event and in Montalcino, we have found the road and the fields covered with snow.

Benvenuto banner
This did not create access problems in Montalcino because the Municipality and the Province and the wineries have worked swiftly all the day long to keep the roads clear and open.

Benvenuto brunello hall
We feared that the attendance would drop because of the inclement weather but despite everything, there were many visitors and all of the industry operators, both on Sunday and Monday.

Fabrizio bindocci brunello consortium
The 2012 vintage has been evaluated with the maximum Five Stars and the celebratory ceramic was created by Cruciani, which has become famous all over the world for its production of bracelets in macramé.

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